Collective of Youth Associations for the Protection of the Environment and Promotion of Renewable Energies and Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa.

Family Photo of the Nyetaa Baro Special Meeting on Climate and Renewable Energies


We, the Youth, Future of Mali

-Conscious that the environment is a common heritage that all humanity must save

-Beware that the only way to save all life forms is to save the environment

-Conscious that nowadays, renewable energies are a factor of creation of jobs and opportunities

-Conscious of the visible consequences of climate change: torrential rains, floods, pockets of drought, unpredictable rains, rising temperatures, etc., that we all regularly experience

-Beware that climate is a business for all and that to win this bet, we must all be sensitizers, informants and educators of environmental citizenship

-Conscious of the urgency to do something about climate change. Climate walks are conducted in more than 180 countries as part of “Fridays for Future”. Most of these marches take place in developed countries, which are also primarily responsible for the emissions responsible for climate change.

-We, the youth and other concerned people in Mali, are pleased to see that the climate movement is flourishing and growing, especially in the most responsible countries, which will not suffer the consequences as much as the countries less developed like Mali

-Conscious that one of the causes of climate change is the use of fossil fuels: oil and coal. Although Mali is not a big polluter globally, we also need to contribute to solutions

-Conscious that access to energy, including solar, is one of the durable solutions. At the global level, all conscious leaders of the world are trying to find solutions to provide electricity to the people, without compromising the living conditions of future generations

-We want our leaders to take the time to think seriously and take their responsibility to carry out concrete actions that contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change on the Malian population, the youth in particular

-We invite our authorities and their partners to create frameworks for training, education and information that reflect the current reality

-We want every initiative of the country, every investment to contribute to the resilience of the Malians

-We want Mali to become self-sufficient in energy production using only renewable energy sources.

-We demand that the current government considers it as a priority because renewable energy also means more jobs for young people: through the production of energy and through the productive use of this clean and sustainable energy.

Collective of Youth associations for the protection of the environment and promotion of renewable energies and Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa, Friday 27th September 2019, in Bamako

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